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12-11-2012, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
Except the players went into this lockout with hostile intentions. They announced it when they hired Fehr, and confirmed it was game on when they nixed the realignment of the league. Make what you will of the NHL's intentions, but lets not play fantasy and pretend the players haven't been preparing for this for years now, they want their pound of flesh after perceived insults during the last lockout when they couldn't feed their dogs on 73% of the revenue.

The opening contract offer by the NHL wasn't the opening move of the lockout anymore than Pearl Harbor was the first battle of WW2.

Oh, and you are right, there will be a lockout in 8 - 10 years because one half of the two parties hasn't been able to move on from the 80s. There will never be labour peace as long as the PA think's the NHL is run by untrustworthy criminals - which in itself is amusing considering the PA is the one with all the embezzlers.
And by hostile intentions you mean proposing to play the season while they negotiated a new CBA??

You're not bringing any facts to this argument

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