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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
I don't think that anybody is saying that the owners aren't at fault as well.
It's the Pro-PA crowd that can't wrap their heads around the fact that some of the blame lies with the players as well. Read up on that NESN article about the reasons for the Kelly firing and you'll see where people are coming from with the anti-PA stance.

It has been pretty obvious since they hired a hardliner like Fehr that they were in for a war. Their egos took a hit after supposedly getting worked by the owners in the last deal even that deal did wonders for the players so they hired a guy with the full intent of going to war with the owners. They knew full well that it would come to this.
The owners are at fault as well. There is a precedent for them having labor issues with previous regimes and their original offer in the summer was not what i would call, negotiating in good faith but what this boils down to is Fehr. I fully believe that if Kelly was still in charge, that a full season would have been played.

I think that Fehr refused to negotiate with the owners purposely until after the previous CBA expired so he can squeeze every last bit from the owners that he could.
My worry is that Fehr fully intends to go for the cap and that is his endgame. I sure hope that's not the case and that the moderate players get in his ear to get a deal done to save this season because we really don't want to see what it will come to if Fehr attacks the cap. It will be a worse case scenario that NHL fans don't want to imagine.
I don't know why but i think that common sense will prevail, enough players will speak up and that a deal will get done to save this season. I don't think that they want to take it down the dark road that Fehr is capable of taking it down.
They hired the most knowledable person on the planet to negotiate a CBA on behalf of a pro sports union and the person who has negotiated the best CBA from a player perspective in NA team sports.

Why is the Kelly argument relevent to anyone?

They landed the most qualified guy, period.

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