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Originally Posted by PhysicX View Post
Josh Koscheck
Height: 5ft. 10
Reach: 73'

Jon Fitch
Height: 6ft.
Reach: 74'

Jake Shields
Height: 6ft.
Reach: 72'

Carlos Condit
Height: 6ft. 2
Weight: 76'

Georges St-Pierre
Height: 5ft. 10
Reach: 76'

Anderson Silva
Height: 6ft. 2
Reach: 77.6'

Anderson Silva having both the height and reach advantage means that GSP would have to close the distance standing up against a better stand-up fighter. He won't be able to rely on his jab, which was an important tool in his last fights. So how does he get Anderson Silva to the ground? Does he push forward like Sonnen did, or does he stand against Silva and mix combinations with takedown attemps?
Because you have a 1.5" longer reach(these reaches are measured finger tip to finger tip, btw) doesn't mean you can't be jabbed.

And FWIW, Dan Henderson is 5'11, and has a reach of 71". He was able to take him down and keep him there. He ****ed up in the second round. If I remember correctly he was even able to take him down in the second round, only, Hendo ****ed up in Silva's half-guard, gave up his back, and got choked out.

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