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Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
How do you arrive at that conclusion?

Devils players = Part of the Union holding out for more $$$

Devils owners = Part of the League trying to get $$ more rational

They Devils are the same as anyone else.
I was really just speaking about the franchise itself but I can highlight the players a bit.

For the players, I'd say at this point only Henrique, Larsson and Zajac stand to really benefit from holding out on issues involving long-term deals.. They're the ones who had the most potential of having longer term mega-deals deals in the future.. Kovy also loses some decent money from the drop in HRR % but his last contract has been signed so that's the only issue involving him, and he's losing considerable money this season due to the lockout continuing.. Marty and Patty are older, with Patty maybe signing another short deal that is hopefully lower cap hit.. For other players, I applaud them trying to get a good deal for future NHL players but at some point they may have to become a little selfish and just get a deal done so they can get back to work

As for the franchise, let's look at revenue sharing.. I'm not sure that the Devils will gain much of anything here.. We're a high revenue team (only $1 mil less in revenue than the Flyers last season) in a heavily populated market.. In reality, we shouldn't need revenue sharing so I'd be interested to see if we'll get it

Jeff stands to gain by having shorter deals (especially with that extra 2 years you get if you sign a player you currently have) so that we don't lose another Parise to a team that can throw out cash much easier than Jeff can.. That said, the other owners are pushing for this as well.. But his franchise is coming off of a tremendous boom in revenue, ticket sales, and general fan interest from the playoff run.. As shown by even the most passionate the fans (like those in this forum), he will be losing at least some ground in all 3

Jeff needs money now.. He refinanced to get by but he'll need money soon to pay his loans and revenues/profits to get some good investors.. It'll be tough to go to an investor and say, "Sales, revenues, and TV ratings are down since the lockout. Wanna get in on the action?" A lack of games or even just decreased fan support only accelerates us towards bankruptcy

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