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12-11-2012, 03:34 PM
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I think if you're going to be fair you have to say the Devils are at best and probably at worst only tacitly complicit in this lockout. While I agree with 731's point that a new CBA probably helps JVB get some more value in the franchise (especially with the lack of long-term deals on the books 'now') and the Devils - like every other team - voted for the lockout, I don't think of JVB as a hard-liner in the sense that:

A) He's an actual fan and doesn't seem to care about losing money
B) He's not speaking out publicly or one of the 'big four-six' owners in the negotiating room at all times
C) Hard-liner to me infers you're willing to risk losing a season. JVB might not mind a couple of largely down attendance months off the books (though it's done a lot to cancel out the momentum from last Spring), but push comes to shove there's no way he wants to miss an entire season

And thankfully the players aren't speaking out 'at all' other than generic quotes from Hedberg-Clarkson when they've been a part of negotiations. I do think - like most everyone else in the union - they're willing to follow lockstep with Fehr (at least until d-day arrives next month) but thankfully they haven't made public a**es of themselves like many others have.

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