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Originally Posted by phlflyer1 View Post
The rink was called the Centrum. There is still a strip mall there called "Centrum Shoppes" or something like that.

And good ole Kaminskis is still there. Used to run into a ton of Flyers there on off days after practices when they used to practice at the old Colesium in Voorhees or late night after home games.
IIRC 'Centrum' was a name given a while after it was in operation to play off the popular 'Spectrum' while the area was Flyers crazy... not sure the timeframe... The 'Ice House' may have been a nickname though... I believe when the Eastern League(?) played there with the old Jersey Devils(?) it was yet to be redubbed 'Centrum'... Yes, when they finally tore down the arena the Shoppes carried on the name.

Kaminski's, under the old management, when it was a local pub and not the current 'sports bar', was indeed a watering hole for Flyers -- few South Jersey bars didn't have Flyers/Alumni grace the with their presence actually -- four great memories I personally have from there was; 1) GM Clarke, Coach Murray(IIRC) and the rest of the off-ice brain trust sitting at a table talking about the 1994 LockOut, which was in progress over a few/several pints... 2) Us sitting by the back entrance after a Flyers game and seeing a dapper Dave Brown dressed to the nines in a three piece pinstripe suit strutting in and acknowledging a "Hey Dave" greeting with a raised arm and grin... 3) Orest Kinderchuck chatting for what seemed like forever with us about hockey and the Flyers and telling us that he would love playing for Mike Keenan and would not mind the hard-arse tactics understanding that following him could get them the Cup... and 4) bittersweet... sitting alone one midweek night seeing across the bar current Flyer, Brian Propp, chatting with visiting player and former Flyer, Brad McCrimmon, who was in town and spending time with 'Propper'... Loved 'Beast'... so sad he was on that plane.

I've run into so many Flyers in South Jersey... mostly in clubs and bars like, 'My Friends', The Coastline, Rexy's, Coral Reef, etc. when I used to club... and now at various places like Starbucks, Buca Di Beppo (when it was still in Cherry Hill) and in our regular Dry Island SJ lives. ... and I have still run into a few at P.J. Whelihan's and The Pour House on the few occasions I stop in for a Micro... They always were, and still are a very sociable bunch.

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