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12-11-2012, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Old Navy Goat View Post
Unlike JJ, I hate unions and the day my employees decide to become unionized is the day that I sell. Of course one of these days I might actually stop being an absentee owner except when I'm getting help with my cars from the mechanics.

My take from the article: Owners bad, evil people; unions are good, the bastion of rightfulness versus the owners malfeasance and Donald Fehr needs to be cannonized with solid gold busts of him adorning the entrance to every arena and lockerroom.
There is definitely a sweet spot. I don't think unions are always bad, and I also don't think owners who are anti-union are necessarily evil greedy ********.

That being said, I think the economic reality right now is that too much money is be funneled into a small group of already very wealthy people. The gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow, and that is a serious problem in society. While I am all for smart successful people being able to live a nice lifestyle (it gives regular people something to strive for), I am opposed to a system which also forces the employees of that company to live in poverty.

I think unions are a necessity in order to protect the rights of the the average working person, to ensure they can make a living and provide food for their family. Unfortunately, as unions age many of them become less about ensuring the well being of the members and more about company politics and "winning".

You also run into situations where employees are too "comfy" and a managing group may be unable to fire an employee who is detrimental to the company. You also find unions like the Chicago Teacher's Association or the Hostess workers whose demands and negotiating tactics are completely out of line with the economic reality of their situation.

/ rant

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