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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Not sure exactly what you mean, but okay.

Nobody's forcing the fan to buy tickets and, if that fan personally thought that the return on investment (i.e. - enjoyment of the product) wasn't worth the cost, then said fan is more than free to stop buying tickets or vent his frustration at ownership/management/players on the ice. Complaining about the system as being responsible for that, however, when it is the same system that the other 29 teams play under and even flourishes under doesn't seem like a worthwhile use of one's energy, especially as it doesn't play a role in the ticket prices (does anybody really think that ticket prices would go down for Leafs and Habs games if they didn't have to share their revenues? Call me crazy, but if they're getting away with higher prices now, then being able to pocket more of that money is a pretty obvious move for them).

Now, if you're upset that teams x,y, and z can't spend their way to championships, well too bad. Enough of the league is in favor of a salary cap system that it's not going away, and teams like the Leafs and the Habs and the Rangers probably secretly are very happy that there's a guaranteed protection to their bottom line for not having to spend as much as they could and thereby cut their profits.

As for the part about an owner buying a player's services, same comes into place. Nobody's forcing anybody to spend as much as they do (other than teams that need that incentive to spend to the salary floor), and a lot of the high salaries are entirely a result of ownership distrust and fear that someone else with overpay for someone they want so they have to do it to. There's no easy way around this, other than illegal collusion, but the basic point is that owners want protection from themselves while players want the status quo where they can hold out a hat and happily catch money that other people throw at them.
Come on.

So it's OK if Toronto's market supports $300 tickets and Phoenix can't give away tickets. So the average Toronto fan has to pay an arm and leg to take his kids to a Leafs game. And a Coyotes fan can take his kids for a fraction of the cost.

Because the market says so.

But then we ignore the market that says Toronto can afford better players.

Like, I said, the owners want it both ways.

Big market fans are getting screwed out of hockey so fans of small market teams can pay 1/5th the ticket prices we pay and enjoy the exact same product we get.

And people think this is fair.

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