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12-11-2012, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Come on.

So it's OK if Toronto's market supports $300 tickets and Phoenix can't give away tickets. So the average Toronto fan has to pay an arm and leg to take his kids to a Leafs game. And a Coyotes fan can take his kids for a fraction of the cost.

Because the market says so.

But then we ignore the market that says Toronto can afford better players.

Like, I said, the owners want it both ways.

Big market fans are getting screwed out of hockey so fans of small market teams can pay 1/5th the ticket prices we pay and enjoy the exact same product we get.
Yes, it is ok for Toronto fans to pay more for tickets.

Yes, it is ok for the NHL to have it both ways.

Big market fans are not getting screwed. Their team's GM can compete on an level playing field with all of the other GMs. The NHL is a league where revenue is driven by the gate, not TV dollars. To get gate revenue, you have to ice a competitive team, or at least a team that the fans believe the organization is building to be competitive in the future.

Maybe Toronto fans should stop paying for their crap sandwich and not show up to the games if they don't like the ticket prices.

Alternate suggestions for you:

1) Move to Phoenix
2) Check the airfares to Phoenix

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