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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Well, actually, I've spent most of the thread without referring to stats at all - just observation. It only made sense to refer to offensive numbers at that point because of the introduction of the idea of "offensive acumen". People farthest away geographically also have an easier time avoiding the Kool-aid in the water supply, btw. But backing up, how little skill do you think I'm giving him credit for? Does my not considering him the best choice for 1st overall somehow equate to under-rating him?
You've admittedly seen very little of him and what you have are most likely internet streams. Yet you talk about certain abilities like execution. The lack of this ability suggest he has miscues when making passes or plays, particularly offensively. I've not seen many miscues, in fact, quite the opposite. His execution on the offensive has been fantastic, partly due to his skill, partly due to his IQ. He's made some pro-caliber plays that you just know he had predetermined because he executed them quickly and efficiently. He makes passes that he knew to make before he even receives the puck. That's the type of stuff you look for -- thinking ahead and executing the play quickly. Which he does quite well and you're the first to suggest execution is a weakness of his.
Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Also, Jones played a 50+ game schedule with the US Development squad and 20 more games in USHL matches last year. How different is that, really, from 60 games in the OHL? Jones probably ended up with more experience against older and stronger players in the process given games against NCAA opponents, and how do we then weigh/compare how their environments may or may not have contributed to the strengths in their game today - if one is supposed to be deemed advantageous over the other?
Coming from someone who used to live in Ann Arbor and watched a lot of those games in the past and now lives on the West Coast and sees a lot of WHL games -- no comparison. The WHL is tougher. Keep in mind, not one player has jumped from the USNTDP to the pros. Whereas it is a common theme in the WHL and CHL in general. It's a faster paced, more pro-style game.
Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
But rest assured, if he has made as significant an improvement as you suggest, I won't turn a blind eye to it.
He's become more comfortable offensive and it shows. His skill was always there. He's had a bad game here and there, but overall has adjusted seamlessly.

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