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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
If you think the players will force Fehr to make a deal if the owners implement a cut-off date, then you are crazy. The players are more united than ever.
We heard that the last couple times too. While I hope it's true for the sake of the NHL, I think it's way to premature to assume they are much different from last time around.

Why do the owners need a 5 year limit?
I do not understand the defense for unlimited length contracts except from a superstar player, an agent, or a big spending club that wants to win at all costs. I love them for Hawks but I've yet to see how they're good for the league overall moving forward. As an NHL fan, I've yet to see a good argument why they should stay for the good of all parties in the NHL.

Players have realized they make less than every other major sport, thatís why the avg salary is the lowest out of any and thatís why they are willing to take 50/50, like most other major sports.
I think the "why" has more to do with what they can leverage and almost nothing to do with a comparison to other sports. If they were comparing to others sports, they would be well below 50/50 because player brands do almost nothing to grow league revenue compared to those other sports. I am not trying to make a "pro-owner" argument, but I don't think the players are wise to make comparisons to other sports and I don't think they do anyway.

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