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Originally Posted by Mr Sakich View Post
this isn't 100% accurate but it isn't 100% wrong either.

The NHL never claimed victory but the media declared it an NHL victory. Hockey writers have as much business acumen as hockey players do. The media looked at the salary cap and said the NHL got everything they wanted.

What they missed is that the NHL does not act like a monopoly and that most teams were going to try to circumvent the cap. The media could not predict the rise in the Canadian dollar which increased total NHL revenues because that revenue was measured in US dollars. In the end, the owners' victory looks a little tarnished.

It would not surprise me if this current battle was phase two of Bettmans' long term plan. IN the first battle, get linkage between a hazily defined revenue stream and expenses. IN the 2nd battle, avoid clarification of revenues and reduce the % the players get.
Actually it is 100% wrong. You just finished saying the media were the ones that were expousing a victory for the league and not Bettman. That is NOT what the poster in question stated. This isn't between the league and the media or the players and media.

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