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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
And you think that just because the opponents he destroyed are weak, which you're now admitting(yay progress), that doesn't affect his standing or legacy? That doesn't influence the hypothesis that he's somehow beyond everyone else.

It's very simple. I say he's at the top of the list with Fedor and GSP filing in just below him. Dana and you and every other Silva knob shiner out there say that he's not even on the list. Like, that's actually what they said. Do you see how your logic here was incomplete and stupid?

And I suppose it's your opinion that Silva's not ducking by asking for half the UFC to fight jones?

Just a question, do you not think Mayweather was ducking, as well?

Of course. He could be that good. But because the division was weak, and you agreed to that point, it goes further than your last statement.

The proof is insufficient.

1.) This will be my last reply to you because of **** like this. The point was that just because Hendo has an Olympic Silver, and Sonnen has a world university Silver that they're better at wrestling for MMA. Koscheck was a Division 1 national champion, and was simply outwrestled by GSP. Do you know why? Because GSP has integrated wrestling into MMA, and coupled it with BJJ ability that none of those guys have. But feel free to ignore this point, like you always have.

2.) According to Silva's own words, GSP, and BJ Penn are the greatest fighters of all time.

No, it was a pathetic attempt at ****-talk and you should be ashamed of yourself.

You think there's a game-plan, and that game plan seems to be exactly what I've advocated, you just don't think GSP can, even though you think he could. And even though all someone has to do is jab, circle, shoot, and not get submitted, you think that A. Silva is on some other list, beyond the other P4P GOATs.

Wow, you sure showed me.

This is the ridiculousness of your opinion. You even agree with everything I said, but just say "he can't do it." He can. End of story.
dude you lost all credibility putting Silva below GSP on YOUR all time list, respectable athletes like Silva and GSP usually throw flowers to there opponents. Tell me how many fights of GSP have left you speechless at the end of the fight?

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