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Originally Posted by StrictlyCommercial View Post
So the 'cheating' scandal is a bunch of students collaborating on a take home exam? That is not scandalous at all.
Harvard has a different point of view on that. When I was a beginning freshman, at the orientation meeting the Dean told us: "If you commit murder, we'll hire a lawyer to defend you. But if you commit plagiarism, you'll not only be expelled, but your name will be expunged from the records."

That was way over the top, with hyperbole to make the point about the sanctity of academic honesty. And it was a long time ago, before the internet and google made academic honesty much more difficult to enforce (nor do I ever recall being given a take-home exam). But I doubt that the standards have changed all that much, given the school's intense concern for both fairness and genuine excellence.

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