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12-11-2012, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Good history lesson there, Jiggy. Thanks for sharing some of those details for those of us not aware of the old politics.

I tend to agree that the stain of certain events can leave an impression on an organization for a long time afterward. People aren't dumb (well, sometimes they are); they try to learn from history when setting an agenda for their organization. It would make sense given the problems with their PA directors that the players looked back over decades and decided they needed someone with no connection to the owners or sport to come in and play smash-mouth CBA.

Right about now though some of the more sensible players have to be wondering if they did a really stupid thing last week "waiting for more" and walking away. One thing that seems really petty in this series of talks is anytime someone from one side says "**** this I'm leaving", everyone gets up and leaves. Why doesn't anyone act like a freakin adult and say, "Hey he may be leaving but there are still 5 of you and 14 of us... **** it... let's keep going! What do we have to gain by stopping again this late in teh game?"
I wish Kelly had stayed on, because he was massaging egos. You catch more flys with honey, right? I get the worries about Kelly being in cahoots with the owners after the Eagleson reign of terror, but... I dunno, I think Lindros went about it the wrong way.

However, like I said before, the league has to deal with Fehr. It is reality. Just make the damn deal and get rid of him, before something really stupid happens...

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