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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
The cursed 'Naming Rights' where millions of dollars are spend for long periods of time IMO has killed the ability to be creative with Venue Names... as well as establish long-term places on note... The Spectrum lived for decades and everybody around the World knew it... Rocky I was there for God's sake... There were many; the Aud, the Coliseum, the Forum... Boston Garden!!!!... Now we have to fight, threaten and cajole to have Lincoln Financial allow us to call their Field 'The Linc'... It would nice to incorporate a nickname with a sponsor such as 'Wachovia Spectrum' which could cleanly be morphed into, 'Wells Fargo Spectrum', which could serve well for all concerned and do the job BUT... Corporate Sponsors spend millions of dollars and don't want people to say Spectrum, as we all know we will... they demand for their money that their trade name is said every time. Baltimore got around it a bit by calling it 'Oriole Park at Camden Yards'... but that to me is different... It was suggested to call the Phillies park, 'Ashburn Field at Citizens Park'... but who here would call it that and not Ashburn Field... or simple the Ash, or Ashcan, or something like that?

To me the most insane thing involving Corporate Sponsors... and IMO bordering on a real crime of esthetics... was 'The SubWay Series'; WTF?!?!?! It took me a while to understand that was not a tourney/series involving local teams... But of course Subway was the corporation shelling out the buck to have their brand showcased.

... Yo, Fehr and Bettman... see what you have brought me to... we need real NHL hockey games to talk about.
So you must love the college football bowl season.

The Jersey WHA team you mentioned earlier, moved to San Diego, and was eventually bought by Ray Kroc (the McDonald's businessman) with a purpose of trying to get an NHL team for San Diego.

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