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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Do you know how old Roman Hamrlik is? How is he working against his goals, exactly?

He wants to play hockey - why should he be concerned about what money Fehr is fighting for down the road?

Unions crack because theres just too many dissenting opinions like this one. Hamrlik's quotes were a breath of fresh air as far as Im concerned. And it goes both ways for me, I'd love an owner to come out, tell Gary to take his fine and shove it up his ass, and tell us how he really feels.

Enough of this "fall in line or be chastised" crap - especially when the two leaders of this negotiation are driving it straight into a ditch.
I think you misunderstand. Hamerlik is more than entitled to his opinion, and being the only vet of three lockouts he should carry much respect in a room. He has no obligation to fall in line.

My perception is any union dissent works against a quick resolution. The league, again in my opinion, is pushing this until they see the union's line in the sand. If the union looks like their ranks will break, I think another 2005 happens and the owners wait for the infighting. He should tell the members his side and how, in his opinion, a protracted dispute is not worth it. But not in the press.

Gary sees the importance of the unified front as demonstrated by the gag order. Roman is no doubt a breath of fresh air and humanity. But Gary feels that if the owners bicker publicly and show a division, the players will grab for more. Like you, I would love to see a Dolan speak his mind... but I don't expect it because of the negotiation and perceptions.

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