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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
You seem to think people have this short window of opportunity to get a higher level of education, and that if they choose to try out hockey but fail, they are screwed.
My friend worked at bombardier full time while studying to become an engineer. He also took care of all his house choires and had his social life. He graduated and is doing extremely well.
How is that any different than someone training for hockey?

And what's funny about David Fischer's major? The guy can study in wtv he wants, I don't see what's funny.

But the point that you keep ignoring is that education is always available!
You're right, if a player loses 8 years in failed pursuit, he still has the rest of his life, it's definitely not a complete loss, unless he's accumulated concussions in which case it will be impossible to get an education.

The same is true of an owner. If an owner buys a team for 400 million, and ends up losing 100 million over 10 years and only has 300 million to show for it, it's not a complete loss. He still has options with the rest of his life going forward.


David Fischer cannot study whatever he wants. He failed to get a hockey career with communications studies. Had he taken honours electrical engineeriny, microbiology, or literature he would have failed even harder. It's well known that universities in the USA set things up such that NCAA athletes have easier courses they can take and can as such focus on what matters: their athletics. They're not getting a real education.

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