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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
how many of your friends did something similar ?
It's probably a fake story or more likely a stretched story.

Think about it.

His friend was at Bombardier "full-time". That means 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday 52 weeks a year. With transportation, it's really 8am to 6pm. Add in "chores around the house" and basic hygiene and it's really 7am to 8pm.

That leaves 8pm to 10pm and the weekends for everything else, the engineering degree and the social life.

When did he get his engineering degree? I was in engineering for a year. Most classes are not offered at night. The vast majority of classes are offered only during the day, say between 1pm and 230pm or 8am to 930am, in a different part of town than any Bombardier office. Good luck managing those with "a full-time job".

His story doesn't add up.

Let's try to reverse-engineer the actual story before Kriss' embelishments.

First, Bombardier will never hire a CEGEP student "full-time". What this means is that in the first few years this friend of Kriss was doing only engineering. In the last summer, he might have taken an internship at Bombardier. This friend was missing maybe 3 or 6 credits to graduate, so he took some research courses that could be done on the weekend for his last year. Thus, at the end he was pursuing an engineering degree while being at Bombardier "full-time".

Not quite the same series of events as Kriss implied.

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