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12-11-2012, 05:52 PM
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If fans are bickering like this, you can just imagine how heated those negotiations are. That said I have little sympathy for the players. You're being paid millions of dollars more than a large percentage of the population to play hockey. You're blessed.

The owners are running a business and have a very real likelihood of taking a loss in a given year. If players don't want to play for a few million less a year, you better believe players will be chomping at the bit to take their slots. If an owner doesn't want to suffer a few million dollar loss per year, the percentage of people willing to buy up a mutli-million dollar failing business is not significant.

Really I just want some ****ing hockey. The only thing that I am actively fighting for in this lockout is a ten year CBA so we won't see this garbage for another ten years.

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