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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
That's like saying that the NFL =/= Football and MLB =/= Baseball. The NHL has to a great degree = Hockey for 95 years.

If the NHL did shut down, briefly, it would be reinstituted as the NHL, with just a glitch in the timeline. There would be no other league. Now hopefully that doesn't need to happen, but if it does then again hopefully the reinstituted NHL will have fixed some of its problems.
I'm not so sure. I think that there are keystone teams that dont need the NHL ( and its not just the original six) and alternatively there are clearly teams that absolutely NEED the NHL.

Teams have moved conferences in the past and relocated, that did not seem to affect the fans. I'm a habs fan, if the NHL went poof the habs would still be playing eventually. As long as the keystone teams stay together ( and not try to set up rival replacement leagues in order to try to increase their proportional influence) then this league defacto becomes all that the NHL was. teams may come and go, but the league that ends up with the O6 and the traditional markets becomes the new NHL in everything but its name.

As much as fans of the non traditional markets might not like it, there are clearly differences between the teams. An NHL without the thrashers is not great but doable. An nhl without the habs or the leafs is unthinkable.

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