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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
Oh, so players should just be happy they are risking their well-being and life for 6 figures, sometimes 7 figures? (avg salary is 2.4mil-most players make 7 or less figures) They risked their education and after life on this sport already. You don’t have to feel sorry for them, I don’t either, but they deserve what they make because of the risks and determination they made to get there and people are paying to watch THEM, not the owners.

Players have realized they make less than every other major sport, that’s why the avg salary is the lowest out of any and that’s why they are willing to take 50/50, like most other major sports. Why do the owners need a 5 year limit? Don’t tell me it’s because they need more parity with Free Agents, because 19 different teams have reached the final since the last CBA was up. This CBA isn’t about money anymore, it’s about the owners trying to get every little contractual thing they want.

I agree both sides need to realize that the longer it goes on the more it hurts hockey. I just wanted to hear you say ‘both sides’ instead of “players need to do this or that”. That’s the only thing that pisses me off. I’m not ALL for the players, I just back the players when other people say “the players need to give in, the players need to give more and more and more.”

If you think the players will force Fehr to make a deal if the owners implement a cut-off date, then you are crazy. The players are more united than ever.
1. Stop with the whole, risking life and limb thing. There are 1000's more jobs that are much more dangerous then playing in the NHL so lets not act like these guys are out there dying left and right. If the payment for the job is about risk, Firefighters, Soldiers, and Policemen should all be making 8 figures.

2. The avg NHL contract is actually higher then the avg NFL contract, so no they aren't the least paid professional athlete. Which is weird, NFL players play in a league just as dangerous, play for non guaranteed contracts, which means you don't get paid if you get cut, and play in a league that makes 3X what the NHL makes. But they don't have the same labor issues as the NHL. But it's the owners who are greedy?

3. The players aren't more United then ever. More and more you hear rumblings of how players are upset with the fact that it seems Fehr is protecting the top 1% and not everyone. No one comes out and says anything because morons like Cole and Hartnell come out and basically threaten to kill anyone to speaks out and their families like they're some mafia.

The reason I am upset with the players more then the owners, and I am upset at both, is because the entire lockout didn't have to happen. 2 years ago the owners went to the players and said, the current CBA is running out and there are some issues we want to address can we talk, the players kept saying no, no, no until it was basically too late. Then once the lockout happened the players immediately go on some media rampage about how the owners are after them and the players are these poor defenseless victims in all of this. Some go on about how their treated like cattle and how it's akin to modern day slavery and that nonsense.

The lockout happened, deal with it and get it fixed. Instead Fehr and the players refused to negotiate on any and every deal the NHL sent for months and months and basically dragged it out longer then it needed to be and now it's hostile to a point it should have never gotten too and both sides are responsible for that. Now both sides are mad at the other for various reasons and this is going to continue to go on instead of both sides getting it done.

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