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12-11-2012, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by brtriad View Post
If fans are bickering like this, you can just imagine how heated those negotiations are. That said I have little sympathy for the players. You're being paid millions of dollars more than a large percentage of the population to play hockey. You're blessed.

The owners are running a business and have a very real likelihood of taking a loss in a given year. If players don't want to play for a few million less a year, you better believe players will be chomping at the bit to take their slots. If an owner doesn't want to suffer a few million dollar loss per year, the percentage of people willing to buy up a mutli-million dollar failing business is not significant.

Really I just want some ****ing hockey. The only thing that I am actively fighting for in this lockout is a ten year CBA so we won't see this garbage for another ten years.
This is so true.

Ask people if they want to play in the NHL for 10% of what the average NHL player makes and see how many people say yes.

Now ask the same number of people if they're willing to risk millions of dollars in a business that just lost money and won't try to fix it so you don't lose that money. Don't be surprised when no one says yes.

Owners are the owners, they run the business and while you might not like them, they are necessary.

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