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12-11-2012, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Joey24 View Post
There is absolutely no reason to look at the past when it comes to our current roster. People saying we should have picked Rondo, Roy,Gay are dreaming, there was considered to be a big gap between the 1st two picks and the rest of the field. I did how ever want Aldridge over Andrea. Gay was in a similar situation that Ross is in when he was drafted, not a lot of exposure because of where he played.
Rondo was a point guard who was considered to have attitude problems and pretty much had no shot and not many thought he would be able to get to the basket like he did if he made the NBA.

The Raptors are in a weird place right now. They have DD trying to break out and be the go to guy and live up to that new contract. You have Andrea still trying to take every shot regardless of how he's playing. And you have Lowry who is trying to establish himself as the go to guy. To many people trying to play the same roll and it becomes predictable.

On a plus though have Ed Davis who is ready for a bigger roll with the team and at the moment should be getting starting minutes. Overall the team lacks Character, toughness and leadership. I do think the overall skill is there but just not ready yet, the core of Val, Ross, DD, Lowry and Davis is good if DD breaks out, Ross becomes the player he's pegged to be, and Val is the real deal.

Overall changes clearly need to be made from the front office right down. Weather or not that happens this season who knows, it should but it probably wont. Then there is the question of who could you replace BC with? It's going to be a roller coaster ride till the seasons end and probably more lows then highs but, I am confident they will eventually get things on the right track.
Rudy Gay played for one of the biggest college programs in UConn!

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