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12-11-2012, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Forsead View Post
My ex-girlfriend father was technician in electrical engineering at ABB and they paid him to get his degree, so he was working 40h a week, some day he worked late so the next he could go to his course, sometime he finished work in the weekend. All this while having 4 childrens and now he is a electrical engineer. Maybe it took him 6-7 years though I don't remember exactly, but trust me it's true.

One of my friend started his degree in logistic at 25 years old and guess what he is good and his life didn't end because of that !

I know a guy in one of my class last year who is a 30 years old plumber and he returned to school to get a mechanical engineering degree.

And how the hell did you get your 8 years of failed pursuit in your other post ?
if, of all the people you know/met in life you can name only 3 that did so, you can easily conclude that they are a minority (and there's a reason for that), just like Kriss who talked of ONE person.

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