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Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
Haha, the old Hartford move. Many in Boston sports media contend it was nothing more than a leverage play by Kraft and that he never really intended on moving the team. There was also talk about them building a stadium in the south end. I tend to agree about the Hartford move being leverage but the relocation thing was real and were it not for Kraft the Patriots would now be in St Louis.
It is the same thing that Lemieux did in Pittsburgh to get the new arena. He used KC as leverage and even admitted so after it was all said and done. That is from a Kansas City website where they are talking about knowing all along that Lemieux was using them to get what he wanted in Pittsburgh but going along just in case things did actually fall apart and the team moved.
The Penguins currently could probably withstand a few sub-par seasons without any or very little attendance drop but if they returned to the dredges of the early 2000's then the sell out streak would end after a season or two.
The numbers are right there for everyone to see about the attendance numbers when they were really bad, especially in 2003/2004, but fan support wasn't what put the team in that situation. This horse has been beaten to death in many threads over the last few years but it was criminal what had happened to the Pens team after the run to the ECF i believe in 2000/2001 when they lost to the devils. Tell me what fan base wouldn't be pissed off when the likes of Jagr, Kovalev, Lang, Kasparaitis, and Straka were all traded away not long after that run. Aside from the Leafs and maybe the Canadiens, I'm not sure many teams would fill their arena after something like that. In fact, Montreal probably would have been burned to the ground in anger over something like that.

The Steelers are the only team in Pittsburgh that would be able to sell-out no matter what. They could lose for a long time and still sell-out because their season tickets are so hard to come by and are passed down from generation to generation. Their continued success for basically 40 years(i know they had a few bad years in the 80's) has created this devotion to them that has ingrained them in the fabric of Pittsburgh. The Pirates used to have a great fan base but horrid owners, drafting, and 20 straight losing seasons have left them in ruins. Just think about your favorite Hockey team having 20 straight losing seasons and I bet most of them would have been relocated by now.

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