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Originally Posted by Funk Volume View Post
5 years ago yeah. Teixera, Ichiro, Youk, Granderson, even Jeter are shells of their former selves. Cano is still very dangerous.

Even their rotation/bullpen are old.

Jays picked a good year to make a run IMO. I don't think the Sox will be much of a factor, the Rays seem to be rebuilding a little (trading Shields, talks of dealing Price), the Yanks are on the decline, and the O's are....well we don't know what type of team they'll be and whether or not they can repeat their success last year.
Granderson? Are you kidding? He hit 43 bombs last year and scored over 100 runs. The year before that, he hit 41 and led the league with 136 runs. Teixeira's only 32. He mashes at Yankee stadium. he missed 40 games last year and still hit 24 home runs. Then they've got Gardiner who could lead the league in SBs. 2 years ago was worth 7.0 WAR (6.2 by fangraphs). Cano is in the discussion for best hitter in baseball right now. Jeter isn't what he used to be, yeah. But the guy led the AL in hits last year. He's not done. Anyone who thinks the Yankees aren't going to be a force next year are kidding themselves. As much as I'd like to believe that they're toast, they've still got gas in the tank.

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