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12-11-2012, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Guardian17 View Post
I was listening to the NHL Channel on Sirius XM this morning.

The commentator made a very good point.

He feels that the deal is done.

However, Donald Fehr continues to stall and taunt the NHL, the sponsers and the fans in hopes of damaging the product.

He is doing this in preparation for the next lockout.

Basically, Fehr wants to do enough damage so that the NHL will choose not to lockout the players when the next CBA is negotiated.

He said that is why there is labour peace in baseball, the owners are afraid of the players union.
If that is true that has to be singly the most idiotic thing that has come out of this lockout (and there has been lots to choose from).

Lets say they do damage the NHL product in terms of a 10% drop to HRR over the 10 years of the deal. Extrapolate that. 3B/year in HRR = 10% is 300MM X 10 / 2 = 1.5 BILLION dollars Fehr will take out of players pockets in order to POTENTIALLY get a better deal next time. This is not taking into account what the players have already lost in this lockout!!!

"Hey guys, let's sacrifice REAL dollars now to get our hands on some potential dollars later!!!"

If they players knew of this tactic and went with it they deserve what they get. The most moronic thing I have heard yet.

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