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Originally Posted by heusy_79 View Post
Why do so many center prospects suck at taking faceoffs? It seems like every good young center that comes through the draft is a 60 on draws.
Yep. Though I got a great center as a #1 pick last season who came with a 71 F/O rating. He came out of the draft at 72 with 4 yellow and is now 80 after a year in the AHL.

My team is pretty stacked right now... as the Red Wings, I'll post my roster tomorrow. Very pleased with the way I ran this club in terms of trades, drafting and development. Only one cup under my belt but that's with no intervention this time around. Usually I play out playoffs more and can win key games, this time I let my GM skills do the talking and hoped it'd be enough. It's been a fun ride. Starting to get into the weird area of 5 games in a row and other unrealistic elements that ruin it for me but I've learned a lot and I know my next run will result in more cups. Still enjoying the hell out of this one.

Carolina put both E. Staal (87) and B. Campbell (86) on waivers in the same year and I claimed them both for Grand Rapids, which then went on a tear through the AHL even more than they already were.

Another notable moment of this BAGM is my drafting of a beastly D-man #4 overall. 6'4", 220-ish, Right-handed and he came out a 74 with 4 yellow. Spent a year in juniors and ended up on the big club at age 19 rated 86. So awesome. Name is Aaron Ekblad. I absolutely love drafting as a kind of mini lotto scratch ticket, for lack of a better comparison.

My top 4 D right now is:

McDonagh (88) - Pietrangelo (91)
Kronwall (88) - Ekblad (86)

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