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Originally Posted by Cynthesis View Post
Agree, the Nexus 4 is an amazing phone. I'm still using my iPhone4, but it will be my last Apple product. I gave them a try, now I'm done. After using the iPhone from the first gen to the iPhone4, iOS has become very boring and predictable. But they do work great. The experience has been the same for a long time now though. No real new innovations. They just have to keep playing catch-up with Android. And now with Apple suing everyone over everything, I'm done with them. Who sues their hardware manufacturers? Lol. Just like their computers, their phones are a little too restricted and locked down for me. They do have great external build quality. They don't really lead the app race by that much anymore now that Google Play has almost the same amount of apps.

If the Nexus 4 and Galaxy S3 aren't your cup of tea, I would have to recommend looking at the Windows 8 phones. Windows 8 is coming along nicely. It's still an infant, but more and more apps are being developed for the platform. Microsoft is apparently going to release it's own phone at some point. But they are new to the hardware game so I'd stick with other companies like Nokia until Microsoft has a few versions out.
THIS! THANK YOU! This is what I've been trying to tell detractors of Windows Phone 8, they always go to the "Oh...WP8 doesn't have a lot of Apps". Which, while true, is due to the fact that they've completely re-launched and rebuilt their OS Platform.

I recognize that WP8 has some "catch-up" to play, so to speak, but MS appears to be committed, they are putting new Apps up seemingly every week.

People often forget that both iOS and Android had to start somewhere, neither launched with over 500,000 Apps available right away, they had to build to get there. They've had a 3+ year headstart.

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