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12-11-2012, 07:21 PM
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Originally Posted by NyQuil View Post
It doesn't take rocket science to figure it out.

Canada Cup / World Cup alllowed access to any and all NHL players.

So has the Olympics 1998 onwards.

Those are the tournaments that concern Canadians the most.
Yes maybe it doesn't take a rocket scientist but it takes a Canadian to figure it out.
Obscure tournaments that has your nation in its name are the tournaments that matter.

One hand on the heart and the other on the bible. There was no irony or sarcasm in my wonder of how Canada could have won 6 of these important tournaments. I didn't know people gave a crap about Canada cup (outside of Canada of course). I haven't got a clue about the record of this tournament and I didn't think it would qualify as a serious best on best tournament but I guess that goes to show what a minor sport hockey is.

A powerhouse creates a tournament and regards it highly. Brazil or Germany/Spain cup...haha. I can't see that catching on at a greater scale

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