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12-11-2012, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
It all comes down to if you want a big screen or not, IMHO.

If you don't want or don't need a 5" screen, then there is not a single better phone on the market than the iPhone.

If you want a larger screen, then you should look elsewhere. That's about what it comes down to.
Except Iphones are pretty bad phones...

They are kind of the average everything now with the most expensive price-tage. I'll give them ease of use I suppose, but that lead is pretty narrow now.

Since I work with cellphones I had a whole company today that was supposed to be upgrading to Iphone 5's from 4's. Changed their minds when they found out apple completely overhauled all the iphone chargers and went with Samsung's instead, mostly because they realized with the space they needed on the phones for internal storage (often taking pictures in areas they might now be able to upload to cloud right away) the iphones would be $300 each more than the Samsung S3's and they could buy many many many expandable micro sd's for that price.

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