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Originally Posted by Nzap View Post
Wait what, people are complaining about lack of freaking apps?

Well I've heard it all now.
Lack of Apps is just one of them.

Not to twist Lonewolfe's words or anything, he and I agree a lot on our technological uses, but others have been upset at Windows RT in relation to "not being able to do everything you can on a regular PC".

But yeah, WP8 detractors point towards a lack of Apps as a reason why they wouldn't/won't abandon their current OS of choice. Which is fine.

I myself used Android exclusively when I jumped into using a Smartphone, and had been a big proponent of the platform, and still am, but after having numerous problems w/ my Evo 3D (not to mention other issues on a different carrier w/ a different Android phone). I had sort of reached my wits end.

My brother, who was employed by Sprint as a Store Technician at the time (and a HARDCORE Apple Fanatic I might add), had recommended my current phone, the HTC Arrive, a Windows 7 phone. I had the same thought that some of the same detractors I talk to have.

"Oh man...a Windows Phone?"

He took the time to show and explain that MS had rebuilt their mobile OS from the ground up, and Windows 7 was actually a very refreshing and exciting OS. I took it and after just 1 hour I had made the decision that I will only use MS OS from there on. I fell in love with WP7, and am loving the steps forward that MS took with WP8 and cannot WAIT to get my hands on one! So yeah, someone who is admittedly an Apple Fanboy, who pretty much worships the technological ground that they walk on, has said that WP7 and 8 is phenomenal. He has even considered dropping his iPhone 5 (which he just upgraded to) for a WP8 phone when they come to Sprint.

(Lonewolfe, as I type this I am still incredibly envious of you with your Lumia 920...I want one so badly!)

I am as of right now, stuck with Sprint, mostly because I am the Account Holder for a Family Plan of 4: My brother, mother, girlfriend and myself, and we live kind of on a tight if I were to jump ship to say, AT&T to get a Lumia 920, not only would I pay more for my services, so would my family, and that's just not fair to them.

Plus, now that Sprint has said that they will bring WP8 to their network in 2013, I can wait. My contract is up in May, so that isn't too long, and I have a feeling that if I were to want to upgrade early, I may be able to do so, or just wait until my official date.

I'd love it to be a Lumia model coming to Sprint...but I'm not getting my hopes up. So I'll take an HTC 8X or a Samsung ATIV if that's ultimately comes my way, I just want a WP8 handset.

/End Rant

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