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12-11-2012, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Hank Chinaski View Post
Woo! We got our own thread, awesome!

Seriously though, I'm worried if the Pats have to go into Reliant for a rubber match. The fact that they jumped on them early really put the Texans out of their element, they had to abandon the run early and put the game on Schaub's shoulders.
Yeah, I think Schaub has a sort of inferiority complex. When ever he faces the consensus "elite" QB's he tends to press more and make mistakes. Even though the Pats hung 42 on us I didn't think the defense was actually that bad. Typically the offense uses up clock time and keeps them fresh to shut down the opposing O. The D actually was holding them to 3 and outs at one point, but the offense couldn't do anything.

I'll have to re-look at film, but I don't think the game was as bad as the score suggests. We just screwed up a lot of big plays. Two forced fumbles that actually get recovered by the Pats for instance.

Regardless I feel bad for the Colts. Texans are going to play pissed off on Sunday and we all saw what happened to Baltimore after they lost to GB.

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