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12-11-2012, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
There is no Amnesty, There is no Hiding contracts overseas and in the AHL, and there is no more front loaded deals. Or years tacked on To bring down the AAV.

All of those things have been used by the flyers to make them competitive.

The flyers , as well as other large market teams, have essentially lost their advantage over the smaller markets. This makes this league much more balance in terms of competitiveness.

So add Pronger and Add matt walker to your original cap and see how it comes out now.

This Deal will screw the flyers and big money teams for a long time. Gone are the days that teams with money have an advantage.
No, Chris Pronger is not being hid away in the AHL or overseas. He is on the LTIR and for as long as he remains on the LTIR (does not retire or attempt a comeback) his salary will not count against the salary cap.

Matt Walker is an UFA in 2013-2014 (next summer) and will be off the books.

I was under the impression from Bill Daly's press statements days ago that the NHL is considering having "compliance buyouts" (similar to 05') when the new CBA takes effect. I am simply saying IF the league allows buyouts that I would consider buying out Briere.

You're absolutely right about the five year contract limits will level the playing field in terms of money. As it should be. Those days are gone and it was fun while it lasted.

I don't believe that Philadelphia has completely lost its edge over some of the smaller market teams:
- Solid Young Core
- Consistently makes the playoffs (19 of 20 years?)
- Limited Travel
- Large fanbase (sold out stadiums)

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