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12-11-2012, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by CrazeeEddie View Post
Lol, anyone can crap on a team 24-7 and occasionally be right. In fact, nowadays, if you predict bad things for the Leafs chances are you'll be right. The problem is when you are very very wrong and pretend it didn't happen. That doesn't make you impartial DO, it makes you a pessimist.
no that makes him right. because the Leafs have been bad. very bad. for a long long time now. if you were to suggest good things for the leafs any of the past few years that wouldnt make you realistic. thatd make you look like an idiot actually.

"The problem is when you are very very wrong"

Stop making absolutely certain claims. Try saying IF you are wrong. That might account for the possibility that the Leafs will continue to suck in the future as I predict they will so long as Burke and Nonis keep ****ing everything up. 5th last, 2nd last, 9th last, 5th last and in the bottom ten for prospects.


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