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12-11-2012, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Urban Explorer View Post
I think you people are getting confused about what you're arguing over.

1. Yes the kessel trade is better than the other 3 trades because the leafs actually got a good player instead of nothing.

2. Yes the kessel trade "could" be the worst trade of them all because if he walks after his contract and seguin and hamilton turn into hart, selke, norris candidates the Leafs would have gotten spectacularly hosed in the grand scheme of things, even more hosed than the niedermeyer deal.

So in essence, both sides are right.
So in other words, and as ive been saying all along....the kessel trade could be the worst trade of all time for the Leafs...could be the 2nd worst....could be the 3rd worst....or who knows...maybe there is some remote possibility that the trade ends up good for both teams. We dont know yet so why pretend that you do know how good or bad it will be years from now?

So far the Leafs have only been **** while Kessels production has gone to waste and is now an upcoming UFA so pretty terrible results so far, also keeping in mind the METRIC TON of prospects Boston received.

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