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12-11-2012, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by 13 HockeyTown 40 View Post
He never discredited, theres nothing wrong with a lucky goal
While this is true, there is one obvious flaw in logic with this argument.

That being, of course, that every goal is lucky.

To go further, every single event that occurs in a hockey game is lucky. There is luck involved in every single occurrence.

To make my point clearer: 100% of things that happen in a hockey game (or any sports event) involve luck. They are all lucky.

So to point to one and event and single it out as lucky is incorrect. The thing that changes is the degree of luck involved. And considering how many goals in hockey are complete flukes: bounces off shinpads, accidental tips, goals getting knocked in from the side of the net - considering all of this, Corrado's goal doesn't seem particularly lucky.


As for the first part of your quote: "He never discredited".

You are not being honest here. When someone says "Corrado sucked. The goal was lucky" - that is completely discrediting the player. First off, he is saying the goal is irrelevant or trivial. Second, he is saying the player altogether sucked. No explanations or distinctions: the player just sucked in totallity.

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