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Originally Posted by Grant View Post
Exams got me thinking and I'm not sure if this is just me so I will ask since I'm curious.

When my exams are multiple choice. I will first answer all questions on the exam booklet. Later I will transfer them and I will often move over 3-4 answers to my scantron. When I'm moving them over I always find myself making words or acryonyms out of them which puts me on a huge tangent. Like if I get 'A-D-D' I will start thinking of an ADD guy I know. If I get 'C-B-C' I may start thinking about shows on CBC (Dragon's Den or HNIC are common). If I get 'A-C-D-C' I will start singing thunderstruck in my head. If I get 'A-B-C' I will start singing that '123 easy as ABC' or however it goes. Am I the only one who does this?
Yes, you're one crazy s.o.b.. Seek help.

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