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Originally Posted by Still All In View Post
Pitching? The Jays still have issues with that rotation, with the only one really standing out being Buerhle.

The Rays were atrocious defensively last year, and have improved that quite a bit by getting rid of Brooks Conrad, Drew Sutton, Wil Rhymes from the infield. Not only did they improve defensively, they're looking pretty healthy to get more production offensively by having a healthy Longo, Escobar, replacing Pena with Loney which is fairly meh, but Loney can at least make contact with the ball. Penas batspeed and discipline really fell off last year. They should be able to put up more runs next year.

The Jays rotation is still a pretty massive question mark. MB is going to be MB, which is pretty damned good. Josh Johnson is going to be.... hard to say. Will you get 2009 JJ who is going to eat some innings for you, or are you going to get the 07-08-11 version where he can't stay healthy and is an expensive DL trip? Romero was awful last year, and which one of him will you get? Normally i'd say it was something like Shields a few years ago, but he lost velo as well which is a bit scary. Happ is serviceable.

When it comes to offense, the Jays trump the Rays and I don't think you'll find anyone contesting that, but when it comes to runs saved and turning that into wins (while also stomaching a ******** of one run losses), the Rays still have that covered.

If JJ and RR can return to form the division will get real interesting. If.

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