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Originally Posted by Hockey Outsider View Post
Save percentage, by definition, is an average and that can obscure important aspects of the data. It's possible that a player with a lower save percentage is actually a better performer than a player with a higher save percentage, but it depends on context (quality of opposition faced, performance in blowouts vs close games, etc).

That doesn't mean that save percentage should be ignored, it should be supplemented by additional research.
Combined contributes to my point.

Same could be said about Batting average, passing % in the NFL, Shooting % in the NBA but in those sports the effort is made to break the stat down. Example length of pass/shot, etc.

These seems to be too much work or an effort that is too complex for SV% in hockey.

We will know immediately a player's BA against each opponent, LHP/RHP or other circumstances. Not so in hockey.

Yet throughout this project raw SV% has been used as something that carries great weight.

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