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12-12-2012, 12:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
I believe that Fehr is the only reason the players are going to salvage make whole and player rights out of this negotiation. This whole negotiation has been about eroding the players position in the CBA. Every offer that goes by sees them lose more and more, I don't see how starting earlier would have been smart. The league has never been afraid of being the villain.
I can't imagine why the league would have asked to start negotiating over a year ago if they had no intention of trying to work out a deal had the union agreed. If they had started talking a year ago, do you think the league would suddenly have refused to negotiate after formally asking the union to start? That makes no sense to me.

The final tally will have to be made when all is said and done. Nobody knows what kind of damage this has done or what the players are going to end up with. Regardless, it isn't accurate to suggest they lost out on a half season of pay... they didn't have to work. What they gained was 300m in future earnings.
This is really quite convoluted. I'll bet if you were essentially laid off for a half a year when it came time to pay the bills you'd darn well feel you had missed out on a half year's pay. And I feel safe in having the opinion that there's very few - if any - players out there who agree with your take on this, especially those whose careers are over after this season.

The players are going to end up with make whole and they are going to retain most of their contract rights. That is a big win for Fehr imo.
I have no doubt they'll end up with *some* amount in "make whole." It won't be as much as they want, and it may not be as much as the league's last offer, but there will be some.

As for the contract rights, I suppose if they get close to what they want that can be considered a "win," but I think it's sure tainted by the amount they're losing.

Personally, I feel like the league had planned to hold out until the last second if they didn't get everything they wanted.
Same for the PA, no doubt.

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