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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Serious fans are the guys who hang out on the history of hockey board and think they have the uncanny ability to rank any player of all time -- and you're not allowed to disagree with them if you want to be called serious.

Hockey fans who think they've made an "intellectual pursuit" of the game.
I don't think you need to get deep into hockey history to be a 'serious' fan, but knowing a bit about the history of your own franchise and appreciating the value of absolute legends of the game who played for the Wings before your time is a fair prerequisite, if we care to define 'serious' fans, which I don't care to beyond a post or two.

Yeah, I think a 'serious' Red Wing fan should know about Larry Aurie, Red Kelly, Norm Ullman, Ebbie Goodfellow, Marty Barry, Syd Howe, Marcel Pronovost, Jack Stewart and quite a few others.

It does not take a mental giant to understand Larry Aurie was a much better player and Red Wing than Kris Draper, but he is probably guaranteed to lose even on this forum, which I would consider mainly 'devout' fans but maybe all not as 'serious' (caring about the history and context of the team), as a more serious fan might be googling a name I mentioned they did not recognize, while a less serious, but very devout fan will gloss over it in a hurry to check out Canada's Junior tryout scrimmage results.

I'm not saying one fan is better than the other (I consider myself both), but mainly just playing at semantics.

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