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12-11-2012, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post

Shush. I have never advocated for a ten team, NE regionalized NHL.

I think 20 teams would do it, and only about 4 of them would be in Canada. I risk derailing the thread because if I speak further, I'm going to smoke out all the Canadian traditionalists lurking here, some of the nontraditional fans (notice I didn't say all), and all the routine "the NHL is perfect with a cap at 30 teams" people who are already mad at me.

Carry on.
I'll let it go. After this one post.

I do not by any means think the NHL is "perfect with a cap at 30 teams". If it was I would be over on the Jets board defending Nik Antropov from the masses instead of here talking business of hockey. And I was not trying to suggest that you have ever advocated a 10 team regionalized league, I was just curious on your views.

The league's expansion strategy was flawed. They made plenty of mistakes. Ideally, perhaps the league should have been less ambitious in the 90's and we have a BIT smaller league right now, talking about expansion now instead contraction. But that's in the past. I just cannot see any logical business sense for contraction, AT THIS TIME.

Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
Get rid of contraction, go with the low floor and no linkage. Lower the players share to 49-48 percent.
Can't control the percent in that case. Lowering the floor is going to require gutting the PA, I can't see it happening. I wouldn't be adverse to making the floor/cap a percentage based mechanism, but only if it maintains a decently small range. To much variance and you begin to get a non-competitive league, ie Basketball/Baseball. Nobody wants to watch sports with no competition, IMO.

There are a myriad of issues here. They all need to be considered. I don't think talking about lowering floor can be talked about in isolation. Cap is important, but with regards to the PA and maintaining competitive balance, so is the floor. You don't teams like the Pirates sitting with a nothing salary base collecting revenue sharing and laughing their ***** off to the bank while they put out a **** product year after year.

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