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12-12-2012, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Urban Explorer View Post
I don't want to reread all the pages again but I think you were on some kind of conspiracy against the leafs (correct me if I'm wrong I have the memory of a goldfish sometimes).

I think there is some weight to be held with the anti-leaf conspiracy. You see it time and time again in rankings, be it most over rated player, worst coach, etc etc. I think bashing the leafs is done because it sells.

However when it comes to a draft ranking with supposed "professionals" (not espn) I give their assessment a little more weight. If they feel we're 20th then they feel we're 20th, I don't think there is an agenda.

One thing I would bring up though is arent these rankings based on a system as a whole (Fs, Ds and Gs)? I mean we don't really have any great forward prospects (other than kadri) or goaltending prospects. We do however have a somewhat abundance of great-elite D prospects.

I think if the leafs prospects formed a team and played a tournament against the other 29 teams prospects we probably would finish somewhere around 20th since our forwards and goalie are weak. That doesnt' mean our prospects don't have more "value" than teams that could ice a better team of prospects.
This is actually the first reply to this that makes any sense. I don't think overall Detroit's prospects are any better than ours (apparently THN agrees) but at least an argument such as yours can be made. Thank you for restoring my faith in HF.

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