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12-12-2012, 01:08 AM
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HFBoards is obsessed with hype and draft position. It's not a surprise that Corrado isn't getting much attention — he wasn't drafted high and he had no hype coming into the draft either.

Still, I expected more intelligent commentary on tonight's game. Unfortunately most HFBoards posters are not particularly great at assessing players — they're more swayed by a bit hit, fancy offensive rush, bit mistake, etc. than the player's overall game.

Hamilton, for example, had two brutal defensive miscues, one of which was partially responsible for the only goal for the whites. He also looked brutal on Murphy's rush. But because he has a big shot and moves the puck well, plus has a ton of hype and a high draft position, those things are ignored.

Wotherspoon meanwhile had a very nice game on the whole but made some noteable mistakes so that's what they judge him by since he has no hype. Sproul gets assessed as having a good game despite looking completely ordinary, probably 2nd worst player after Murphy.

Pouliot stood out offensively but was a complete disaster defensively, yet he gets a ton of attention on the main boards. Basically, this goes way beyond Corrado. Other prospects are victims of it too.

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