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06-01-2006, 01:00 AM
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This is getting rather tiring isn't it?

I think some people are missing some points here...
Ribs has loads of talent but is missing some key aspects to be able to use his talent properly. If he gets said aspects he would be a great 2nd C or even a 1st C. Would he ever get those aspects? lol, no. He'll never be big and he'll never be a speed demon. One thing though, his effort and aggresive play in the latter half of the year was very heartning. He seemed to finally wake up and realize he needs to actually play NHL hockey instead of AHL hockey or whatever he was sleep walking through. If he continues that into the off season, we may be treated with a new Ribs. Screw his prior years during off season. Frankly, this was the first year (albeit only half year) we actually saw Ribs try. And he's only 26, so young enough to change his career around. So it is possible he'll actually work on those key aspects. Mind you, his changes may not seem significant for those expecting him to gain 70 lbs or some such, or become the fastest player on the team, but it is conceivable for him to get significantly stronger (from nothing to something is significant) and faster. If that is the case, I have no problems him being the 2nd line C.
As for Pleky, all those that love him (and there is a lot of you and rightfully so) have already mentioned all this. Defensively sound, offensively sound, plays harder and stronger than his size would dictate, etc. etc. All 100% true. And all more than Ribs. Problem is, I do think he isn't very offensively gifted. Decent...but only decent. Is he more valuable to the team than Ribs? Probably. Is he a second line (in the traditional sense) C? No. Not enough offensive upside. Ribs? Yes...barely...but just barely.
There lies are real problem. Neither is good enough. Koivu is good enough. And I agree with some others. Koivu should be our 2nd line C. Not first. Not that he doesn't have the skills to be's just that he is much too fragile to ever expect him to last the whole such, 2nd C would be much more suited for him (and his body). Thus, we need another 1st C who is more offensively talented.
I mean come on folks. We are spending huuuuge amounts arguing over Ribs and Pleky, yet not one of our C's are even close to elite levels in pts...None are close to 100 pts...none. Heck, no one on our TEAM is close to 100 pts. When was the last time we had a true 100pt forward? Heck, been a loooooooong time. And no matter what delusional spells are going on in some peoples heads, Pleky, Kost (either of them), Perez, and Lats (though the jury is still out for him ) are not going to be the next habs super star player.
We need more offence. Both at C and wing.
Till we get to that point, Ribs should be our 2nd line C and hopefully we can acquire a W to play on that line. It is much more efficient currently to have Koivu as 1st C, Ribs 2nd, Pleky 3rd and any hardnosed dependable player as 4th. Not Koivu 1st, Pleky 2nd, fillers for 3rd and 4th.
Lets all just hope Ribs and Pleky can become stars in their own right.

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