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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I think this would work well with goalies in tandem situations, where the starter and backup both play a significant number of different teams in different situations. But it gets tough when the starter plays 70 games and the backup 12, especially since the backup's games are not going to be randomly distributed. Some coaches will play backups on the 2nd half of a back to back (which will hurt the backup's numbers). Other coaches will only play the backups against weaker teams (which will help the backup's numbers relative to a starter).
This really matters a lot. Usually the crappiest backups are those who doesn't play a lot behind a +70 game starter. Their gameshape is just missing.

I've seen it thousand times that when teams use an AHL goaltender who is in theory weaker than that backup on the bench, the AHL-guy playes better because of better gameshape (playing all the time in the minors).

I've involved in some fantasy league, that has unique way to rank goaltenders, and boy I can say, it rates them good. The best goaltenders from last 3 seasons are Lundqvist, Rinne, Quick and Thomas and the weakest group was Pavelec, Brodeur, Roloson, Crawford and the worst of all Steve Mason.

The system uses league average save percentage, and then relative difference to others, so those relative values as a career average would work over decade to decade from high scoring era to low-scoring era.

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