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12-12-2012, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by LeafOfBread View Post
This is true. I have cousins who grew up here but go to college in the States (UConn specifically), and they told me that when the U.S. beat Canada in the preliminary round of Olympic hockey, all their U.S. college friends were chirping them hardcore, including many people who had never watched hockey before or cared about it at all. Though obviously once Canada won gold they shut up.
It's also true that there are extremely annoying Canadian fans.

The difference seems to be that the more passionate the Canadian fan, the more obnoxious he/she is (although usually it's a he).

The less passionate and knowledge the American fan, the more obnoxious he/she is. (Again, so few female fans are obnoxious, as it seems to be a male trait.

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