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12-12-2012, 03:07 AM
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Originally Posted by LoSTRaMaiR View Post
I hope the time off does not hurt Stammer... Would it be better (assuming a deal will not be made anytime soon) if he go play elsewhere? I am sure working out will keep him strong, but so much time off can't be a good thing. Damn shame after this last season he had.
I think it'd be best for him to play. The benefits I believe are two-fold.

One, Stammer gets to play, which is the combination of those things he's been training and a specific skill in itself. Hockey IQ cannot be underestimated and it's only truly practiced in proper games.

and two, it puts pressure on the NHL and PA to get a deal done. By signing elsewhere, it implies that they're hockey players, and not 'NHL' players. There's too much hubris from both sides, and especially from the league, of how important they are.

While the league could play a widespread dispersion of players as a sign the players are willing to play for less, the PA can play it as a sign to the NHL that the game goes on without them. If anything, it further tarnishes the league's reputation and gets people interested in the sport's many alternatives.

Sorry to break it to them, but when the league is locked out, it forfeits the claim of being the highest caliber hockey league in the world. (congratulations AHL!)

Multiple reports have the negotiations as going on in NJ. Days, do you see them?

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